"Elevate" is the latest LP from the artist Deep Transit. Featuring the new Single "Elevate " and "After the rain " vocal version.

"The Journey " (Vocal Version) By: deeptransit

The latest remix with Vocals. A spin off from the Original track. "From the

LP "A brilliant skyline across major cities "

Deep Transit: New Single: Embrace

Embrace is the new single by Deep Transit. It was release Oct 2018. it will be on the new Album

"Progression in Rhythm" later next year.

Deep Transit: New Single: Timeshift

Timeshift, Is the latest single: By: Deep Transit. It will be on the new album "Progression in Rhythm"

Frequencies set in rhythm (Deep house remix)

Frequencies set in rhythm " The extended remix" from Harmonic Frequencies set in rhythm is now available

features the deep house track "A deeper Sunshine" 

A Brilliant Skyline Across Major Citiies

The new album is avaliable at

Deep Transit: The Single: "The Groove of Life".

The Single "The Groove of Life"  Now available as an MP3 

The Single: A Brillant Skyline Across Major Cities

The brand new single from Deep Transit: A Brilliant Skyline across major cities was release on 9/23/2016.  

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